Angel Association AGM 12 July 2016

What is happening to London?  Neil Bennett, partner at Farrells, the internationally  recognised architect planners, will talk about planning issues and trends for the area and the city. Farrells have been players in planning and design for a number of years. His talk will be followed by a discussion.

The meeting is at 7pm at St James’ Hall, 11 Prebend street, N1 8PF

Rowan Moore is no longer able to speak at the meeting.

Rowan Moore to speak at the AGM

The noted  architecture critic  and author Rowan Moore is to speak at the annual general meeting on 12 July. Moore is the architecture critic of the Observer and author of two books, Slow Burn City and Why We build. He is also a trained architect and between 2002 and 2008   was director of the Architect Foundation.

Slow Burn City is a study of London’s architecture and laments the boom in apartment blocks aimed at foreign investors.

Why We Build unravels architecture as politics – who designs; who pays; who makes it and what role it plays in city life.

The AGM starts at 7pm at St James’ Hall, Prebend Street, N1 8PF.


Islington Council to abandon doorstep kitchen and garden waste collection

Residents have reacted angrily to council plans to end the collection of  garden and kitchen waste from doorsteps.  The council is to require residents to use communal bins on streets.  The scheme has been trialled in Tollington ward and will be rolled out across the borough.

It is not clear where the communal food waste bins are to be located, but there are likely to be more than a 100 in each ward.

Garden waste bins are to be located near parks.  Residents will have to pay if they want the council to collect garden waste from their homes. The minimum charge will be 10pounds (for upto 10 bags).

Residents have complained to the  council on the grounds that the scheme will lead to fly tipping, less recycling and unsightly bins.

Councillor Klute has responded to complaints on his blog.

What the AA does next

Where should the Angel Association focus its work? The committee is currently reviewing its structure and work programme.

Eric Sorenson, chair of the Angel Association, has set out initial proposals. They are:

1 Development and management of the area, including feeding into planning strategies, commenting on development proposals, traffic management, cycling provision.

2 Licensing. Monitoring licensing application in the ward in order to maintain a balance between providing entertainment and preserving the amenities of a residential area.

3 Greening and parks. The association has to be selective and has been concentrating on Vincent Terrace Gardens and the Graham Street park.

4 Canal. The need to keep pressing the Canal and River Trust to deliver improvements.

5 Youth provision. The need to explore options for local provision.

6 Safer neighbourhood. Participation in safer neighbourhood meetings that involve the community police team.

7 City of London academy. Assist the school with finding work placements and supporting music at the school.

8  Council relationship.  Involvement in ward partnership and policing forums.

9 Maintaining links with other local organisations.

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Spring bulbs for Vincent Terrace Gardens

vincent terrace bulbs
Volunteers have planted 1000 snowdrops provided by Greenspace
in the woodlands by the canal in Vincent Terrace Gardens. There are plenty
more snowdrops and bluebells to plant and current conditions are ideal.
Contact Friends of Vincent Terrace Gardens on 07769 292208 if you’d like to