Friends of Regent Canal – public meeting at Holborn Studios

The Friends of Regents Canal is holding a public meeting on Monday – 6th July – at 7pm at Holborn Studios, 40-50 Eagle Wharf Road, N1 7ED

The Agenda covers a wide range of topics: a canal heritage project, planning and development along the canal and news about our part of the canal. There will also be time for general questions and suggestions (please e mail in advance to

With the bicentenary celebrations of the canal on the horizon, this is an interesting time

If you missed the Holborn Studios Open Day, this is another chance to visit this fascinating place.

The bar will be open in advance of the meeting. Sitting on the wharfside pontoon or strolling along to Sturt’s Lock and New North Road Bridge in the early evening July sunshine is a real pleasure.

Members of the committee will be attending but all Angel Association members are very welcome.