Islington Council to abandon doorstep kitchen and garden waste collection

Residents have reacted angrily to council plans to end the collection of  garden and kitchen waste from doorsteps.  The council is to require residents to use communal bins on streets.  The scheme has been trialled in Tollington ward and will be rolled out across the borough.

It is not clear where the communal food waste bins are to be located, but there are likely to be more than a 100 in each ward.

Garden waste bins are to be located near parks.  Residents will have to pay if they want the council to collect garden waste from their homes. The minimum charge will be 10pounds (for upto 10 bags).

Residents have complained to the  council on the grounds that the scheme will lead to fly tipping, less recycling and unsightly bins.

Councillor Klute has responded to complaints on his blog.