Obituary: Vicky Wisher

“We are sad to announce the death of Vicky Wisher, the Hon Sec of the Association in the 80s and 90s. Here is an obituary of Vicky from John MacGowan, previous chair of the Association. If any member has memories and photos of Vicky to share, we would be happy to post them on the site.”

                                          Vicky Wisher    1940-2021

Vicky Wisher, who died on 12 April, was the very enthusiastic and energetic secretary of the Angel Association for many years in the 1980’s and 90’s.

Vicky was very keen to see both the preservation of the local environment and to look for improvements where they could be made . She was an eagle eyed viewer of planning applications  and always prepared to object when a scheme would be harmful to the neighbourhood. She was also very involved with the Angel Association’s support of the campaign to stop Islington Council building a lorry park in Graham Street and to create a children’s playground instead which is what we have today.

Vicky also immersed herself in the social aspects of the Association. She was a very good cook and an excellent hostess at membership parties .

Vicky retired early from her job at BP having bought a house in Sorèze, near Toulouse ,with the intention of splitting her time between Islington and France . For a while she remained as the secretary of the Angel Association but retired from the role when she started to spend more time in France.

Sadly Vicky was not fully able to enjoy the fruits of the life that she had created for herself as she developed Alzheimer’s Disease and spent her last seven years in care.