A tribute to Tony Howell

We sadly record the death of Tony Howell on 21 September. He was an extremely effective and determined Chairman of the Angel Association in the 1970s and 1980s. He was an effective campaigner for a better balance between people, cars and spaces. Probably his crowning achievement was to stop the Council using City Road Basin for a lorry park. It is a reflection on those times, the 1970s, that canal side land, like the Basin, was typically used for low grade business uses and there was no recognition of the value and amenity of waterside spaces. The proposed site of the lorry park, which Tony so valiantly prevented, is now the Graham Street Park.

The Angel Association launches web site

For some time, the Association has been working with a partner company, Epiphany-uk.com on the development of its new Web site.

We hope you will find our new site useful and informative and welcome all feedback – please use the contacts page for this purpose.

The site will be updated once a month.