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Towpath closure

You might have seen that the stretch of the towpath that runs from Colebrooke Row to the bridge in Danbury St, on the Vincent Terrace side, has been closed.

This stretch of the canal inspired Walter Sickert to paint “The Hanging Gardens of Islington.” It is a quiet part of the canal, not used by cyclists, but in recent years it has been neglected and now requires maintenance work.

The path and wooded embankment is owned by the Canal and River Trust and it was the Trust that took the decision to close the path.This area of the towpath is leased to the council by the Canal and River Trust, but the lease has expired.

Islington Council has commissioned a survey of the likely costs of repairs. The survey findings will be taken into account when a decision is taken on the terms of a new lease. The Angel Association understands that the council plans within the next couple of weeks to consider the costs of the work. The Association has stressed to the council the importance of this part of the canal. Read our letter to council HERE

We said: “This stretch of the Canal is cherished by local residents and must be kept open.

·         There are four benches on the Vincent Terrace pathway where people sit to enjoy the peace and beauty of this part of the canal. The brick wall running the length of the canal is also well used by residents and local office workers alike as a place to sit and watch the world go by.

·        It is not a cycle way and because of the steps cannot be used as an easy thoroughfare so the pace is slower and more relaxed. Dog walkers can walk their dogs in peace and quiet.

·        In recent years it has been badly neglected. Rubbish piles up amongst the daffodils and the trees are in a sorry state.”

A large number of residents have also written to the council pointing out the amenity value of the canal footpath. If you would like to make your views known, please let us know using the contact email for the secretary or write direct to the parks and open spaces department at Islington Council.

Prior approval for building in Arlington Avenue

Islington Council has rejected the application for a ceritificate of Lawfulness from the developers who want to convert an empty building behind 21-45 Arlington Avenue into flats.  Prior approval had been given under the new offices-to-residential planning rules to convert the building into nine flats – five with two bedrooms and four studio flats. The building is owned by  Barry Clutterbuck, who bought the building in 1987 from the Church Commissioners. The conversion cannot now go ahead as the application for a Certificate of Lawfulness has been rejected. The owner had been asked for evidence that the building had been used for offices for at least 10 years. The developer has a right to appeal the decision.

Planning Application P2013/5101/PRA; P2013/4988/COLP

Bernard Fishel retires from Committee

Bernard Fishel, who has just retired from the committee of the Angel Association, has lived in Islington since 1981 (and was born here!). He has been a very active member of the committee of the Association since 1999 and has taken a particular interest in planning issues, as the planning guidelines for the Conservation Area around the Angel have developed over the years. Bernard has also had a close involvement with the development of the Angel Town Centre. To mark his retirement from the Committee, Bernard and his wife Margaret attended a dinner in his honour at the Charles Lamb pub; and Bernard has been made an Honorary Life Member of the Association, as a mark of gratitude from his many friends in the Association, for all his hard work on behalf of the residents of St Peter’s ward.

January 2013